by Albrecht von Johansdorf

Performed by Sebastian Burkholdt & Laura Hagele                                                   MHG text & modern German translation here

I found her without her guardian, the lovely girl, standing alone. Well, then the good lady said: "What do you want, and why have you come here alone?" "Lady, it just happened." "Tell me, why are you here? You should let me know right away."

"I lament my heartfelt longing, my dear lady." "Alas, fool, what are you telling me? It would have been better if you had kept a lid on your lament!" "Lady, I cannot do without it." "I will not give in to you, even in a thousand years."

"No, my queen! That my service should be all in vain!" "You are out of your mind to make me so angry." "Lady, your hatred will be my death." "Alas, dearest man, what has brought you to such a dire condition?"

"It was the beauty that you possess, dearest woman." "Ah, you are trying to weaken my resolve with your sweet songs." "God knows, my lady, that is not true." "If I were to give in to you, you would have honor from it; I would have disgrace."

"Then at least let me derive some benefit from my lifelong devotion to you." "You may well regret having assailed me with your little ditties." "Do my words not seem good to you, then?" "Indeed, they have often been a heavy burden on my constancy."

"I too am constant, if you care to admit the truth." "Take my advice: give up this plea, for it can never be fulfilled." "Am I to be requited, then?" "May God grant you in some other quarter what you desire from me."

"Shall my singing and my service be of absolutely no value to you, then?" "You shall indeed benefit; you shall not remain without a reward." "What do you mean, my lady?" "That you shall emerge from this a better person, and a happier one!"

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